An Awesome Epiphany!

by - Wednesday, October 14, 2015

If you have been trying for hours to get into the new round of The Epiphany, do not give up!  The pain is going to be so worth it!!  The special thing about this event is you can either decide to keep your gacha prize (click KEEP when you rez it) or you can redeem it for points (click REDEEM when you rez it).  If you collect enough points you can redeem them for special exclusive prizes from Epiphany vendors.

Devil from Blueberry - with dresses and horns and gloves and the exclusive pitchforks to collect, this is one sexy devil set!   14 commons and 5 rares
Southpaw Tattoo from White Widow - with gorgeous tattoos for various parts of the body, you can mix and match them to create your perfect tattoo for your perfect look.  12 commons and 3 rares
Hair - Strange and Unusual from Exile.  Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

Marion Hero Costume from Addams - who doesn't like being a superhero?  With a sexy bodysuit, gloves, boots and mask to play for in six colours, you will save every day!  16 commons and 8 rares
Hair - Editorial from Tableau Vivant.  Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

Halloween Dressing from Zenith - play for a complete look with dress, shoes, fur, headpiece, skull bag, ring and creepy dolls.  19 commons and 2 rares
Alissa Hair from Bold and Beauty - new hair is always a good thing, and playing for your colours just makes it exciting.  This gorgeous style will become a firm favourite.  7 commons and 1 rare
Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

Coven from Reign - creepy has never been this sexy!  There's dresses, shoes, necklaces, totes, an umbrella and hats with hair to collect.  19 commons and 3 rares
Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley.

Provocateur Lingerie from Dead Dollz - with five gorgeous styles of lingerie to play for, you win no matter what you get!  12 commons and 2 rares
Witcher from The Forge - there are harnesses, headdresses, rings, necklaces, staffs and headbands that are just gorgeous and fun!  16 commons and 3 rares
Rose Hair from Little Bones - a fun and flirty short bob style that looks amazing!  It's going to be a go-to short style for any occasion.  21 commons and 5 rares
Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley

Bat Queen from Altair - dress, collar and cuffs, it's a lovely combination in beautiful colours, that you will love to wear!  21 commons and 3 rares
Gothic Headpiece from Zenith
Rose Hair from Little Bones
Skin - Heidi from Lara Hurley

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