It's Supernatural!

by - Thursday, October 22, 2015

I'm still waaaay behind in my blogging, and today it's catch up with Supernatural day....with a few other awesome things thrown in.

Juliet Headpiece - a gacha item you can play for at the Freak Show Gacha Carnival now!  The necklace, dagger, skull goblet and candelabra are all from The Occultist Set from The Forge, out at Tag Gacha now!  Hair - Urara from Argrace.

Hime Stockings - super cute, you will just adore these stockings.  Look for them now at The Pastel Goth Fair.  Play for the Creepy Lolita wings, doll, creepy muffin and candy apple from May's Soul as part of Tag Gacha.  The arm tattoo is Vertigo from White Widow, another gacha item, this time from the Wayward Halloween event.  Hair - Sae from Argrace. 

Amable Stockings - another super cute pair of stockings, this time from Designer Circle.  The Vertigo tattoo is from White Widow, at the Wayward Halloween event.  Hair - Shiori from Argrace.

Juno Leggings - hurry and run in to Suicide Girls if you want these as it closes tomorrow!  And some more of the Vertigo tattoo from White Widow, at the Wayward Halloween event.  Hair - Kaede from Argrace.

J'dore Lingerie - sweet and sexy, it's lingerie you will J'dore when you wear it.  Grab it now at Lubbly Jubblies.  And a little more of the Vertigo tattoo from White Widow, at the Wayward Halloween event.  Hair - Tsumugi from Argrace.

Skin - Camille from Laqroki.

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