More From Wear Gray!

by - Monday, September 20, 2010

There is still a few more days of Wear Gray left, so if you haven't popped in to check it out or make a donation, there is still time. Its a fabulous cause and I am staggered by how well it is going this year. Well done Sanura, Arora and everyone who has contributed time or items to helping raise money for the American Brain Tumour Association.

Sn@tch and Dreams have teamed up and the result is a Rainbow Haleigh Dress with the Plum Positive Solstice Skin in tone 2 and Gacha Socks.

Swansong has the Luxxe Dress and Mwah! Flats in a stunning turquoise in their vendors. From Chartreusia you can try out prim eyes with the stunning EyeScream FireEyes or grab the Kaleidoscope Top and Shorts in vibrant green.

A-Bomb has an exclusive Sweater Coat in pink, just right for a cooler day and a pair of sexy Leopard Print Wedges. The skin is Fresh Vamp from Mango Mango, perfect for any vampire or gothic look.

Also from A-Bomb, two unisex items - the Zebra Print Deck Shoes and Striped Polo in an exclusive colour just for Wear Gray.

Two of the fabulous items from Magoa are the slinky and sexy Maia Dress in two colours - Silver (100% donation item) and Sky (20% donation item). You can also grab the gorgeous Sanura Dress (wonder who thats named after) which is also a 20% donation item. There is a gift, $20 hunt item and many donation items to choose from.

RezIpsa Loc has hair and clothing in their Wear Gray store and you will be hard pressed to leave without buying something. The Graphic Polos are fun and look fabulous with your fav pair of jeans. There is one special polo in the donation vendor. They have also recoloured some of their fabulous and more popular hairs, along with one special exclusive just for this event.

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