Quicky Catchup Smorgasbord

by - Tuesday, September 09, 2014

I'm playing catch up today with stunning new releases from some wonderful creators you are sure to love!

Melissa Hoodie and Melissa Skirt from DE Designs.  Perfect for mixing and matching, these are sold separately and both come with HUDS for changing up the look of your items.

Charlotte Outfit from GizzA Creations.  Exclusive to The 24 Event, this gorgeous outfit comes complete with a stunning dress, mesh gloves, a hat and shoes as well.

Also new from GizzA Creations is the adorable Boston Outfit.  With six combinations to choose from, each one comes with a top and skirt, collar and flat shoes.

Collabor88 has started again for another new round and you can snap up Upshaw, a sexy updo from Tableau Vivant which comes in three sexy versions, each with two versions in the pack - a big and smaller poof!  Above is Side Bangs worn with the Temptation I eye makeup from The Wicked Peach - coming to The Countdown Room September 12th.

Above is Upshaw with Long Bangs worn with the Temptation II eye makeup from The Wicked Peach - coming to The Countdown Room September 12th.

And finally Upshaw with Straight Bangs.  All come with a HUD for different colour pack hair choices and will add a touch of glamour to any look!

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