More Slink Obsessing!

by - Sunday, September 07, 2014

Just a quicky tonight to show off some more fabulousness waiting for your Slink parts at My Slink Obsession this month.  Once again, Slink hands, feet and Physique body worn in all pictures, along with the Skye II skin from Glam Affair in America.

Shooting Stars Nails (in Light and Dark packs) from Somnia and Royals Tattoo from Stellar

Lootia Top (in Darks and Light packs) from Somnia and Oopsie Micro Mini from Stellar

Lootia Top and Twinkle Toes for Slink mid feet (in Darks and Light packs) from Somnia and Oopsie Micro Mini from Stellar

Selena Sequin Top and Oopsie Micro Mini from Stellar and Rihanna Studded Pumps from Licked and Painted

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