Yummy Yasmin

by - Monday, September 22, 2014

Belleza has opened its new main store, and not only is Venus waiting there for you, but also a new skin release - Yasmin.

Yasmin comes in all the Belleza skin tones (fair, pale, medium, sunkissed, tan, dark tan and mocha) and is just perfect for wearing with the new mesh body!

There's 10 fresh new makeups, each one with 5 brow colours, cleavage and hairbase layers, a blush layer, as well as matte/gloss layer for the lips.

There's also a lipstick bundle available including all these fabulous lip colours, and a bonus red, all with matte and gloss versions.

Grab the fabulous new mesh body and snap up this gorgeous new skin to make it look even better!

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