And Venus Was Her Name...

by - Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Unless you have been living under a blog rock lately, you will have no doubt heard that Belleza is FINALLY set to release it's mesh body!!!  Venus is well named...cos it is a body made for loving!  Be sure to demo it and see why it is named for the goddess of love herself!

 Need to know stuff...this is a fitted mesh body, so you can play with your sliders and get the look you want for your new body.  Bigger boobs?  Just nudge that slider up a few degrees and there you go!  It comes in two versions - one for using with your Slink hands and feet, and the all-in-one Belleza body, which has awesome hands and feet already - but more on those soon!  There's also two pairs of Just Design shoes included to get you started, which are compatible with your Belleza body version.

Included too are three pairs of sexy lingerie to get you started!  But it's the HUD that is truly amazing.   For starters, it has preloaded the 7 Belleza skin tones so you don't need to buy appliers or try to figure them out for yourself.  It also has 16 skin tones to work with other popular skins on the market and some space for other appliers when they become available.  And then there is the alpha layer options.  With the body cut up into many little sections, you have no trouble at all getting them to work with most mesh clothing out now.  You may need to adjust your breasts and butt a little in some cases though.  Or you can use the tabs and make whole sections vanish!

The Belleza version of the body uses a HUD option to change the position of the hands into 16 different positions for left and right, 20 different nail polish colours and 3 nail lengths.  And then there are the boobs!  You can have a natural cleavage or pump those puppies up and really make a statement, and don't forget your nipples - there is 14 colour choices there too!  And those feet!  You can change the foot position from flat, medium or high and there is a special button for the Just Design shoes.  Keep watching, cos there are already some designers starting to make shoes for this awesome body, including Nardcotix and L. Warwick!

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