Some Random Bloggage

by - Monday, October 25, 2010

I can't sleep, so thought I would sneak another quick blog in.

*Dreams* is a great store filled with loads of awesomeness. They are also taking part in a couple of the best events on the grid at the moment...Dive and Murder in Skull Creek. Above is the Skull Creek gift. In it you will find 4 fabulous skull corsets with a pair of black and blue jean capris.

The Verdomme Tops are new from Skream. In a variety of colours with gold or silver trim, you will love these halter tops. They will dress up a pair of jeans or look fabulous with a skirt. Beer+Eggs is a new hair store and from the looks of the adorable Bebe hair, they are going to be big! Make sure you check them out and fall in love with them too.

Pavo explodes in a riot of peacock feathers and gorgeous greens from LaVie. Its a statement dress that will stand out in any crowd and you will love having all eyes on you.

Bedlam has the perfect outfit for the sexy urban chick. The Urban Posse outfit has everything for the girl ready to take on the world. It has fully sculpted pants with extras like slingshot, lollipops and hip flask, boots, necklace, bikini and sunglasses. Its totally awesome!

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