Still Calling For Couture!

by - Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wow is this event full of yumminess or what? Keira has done an amazing job finding designers with such big hearts and talent to participate in the Call for Couture and its for a very good cause!

Stand out and be glamorous in the Wild Jungle from Fume. The design is sexy in a subtle way. The patchwork of fabric and pattern creates two gorgeous outfits for the woman on the go. You get the dress and a pantsuit.

A - Osakki will make you Bipolar with this stunning dress of black and white. The shoulder pads, assymetrical use of fabric and pattern makes this a dress to impress anyone.

B - The Necro Dress from Lark is simply gorgeous! I love the fabric, the sculpted halter straps and the bone detail down the front add a touch of underworld glamour.

A - The Niven Collection has lots of goodies for you at the festival including the Raven Flown II which comes with everything, including the face makeup!

B - From Hyper Couture, Aphrodite is a vision in golden glamour. The dress floats around the body and the bodice is stunning with the gold lace trim and sculpted collar.

A - More from The Niven Collection. The make up is Devine Lash White Dot and the stunning jewellry is their Liquid Sparkle Set. I love the necklace, how the design is so different from what you usually see and the gems add sparkle and colour.

B - The jewellry is from Caroline's Jewelry and is as beautifully named as it is designed. Butterflies in Paris includes earrings, necklace and ring. The Mask Kabuki Brow makeup is from The Niven Collection.

A - The Secret Store is not going to be so secret after this event. Their October Bloom outfit is just lovely and quite 60s retro in feel. Its the ensemble for the high fashion hippy!

B - The LBD Ensemble from Chantkare is perfect for garden parties, a day at the races or just dressing to blow socks off. It has a gorgeous skirt over a system layer, fabulous collar and the belt is just lovely. The hat is also included.

Glow Studio has a gorgeous set for you to snap up. The Body Cyan Birds has a beautifully textured one shoulder top in such a pretty shade with a cute birdie on it. It comes with matching panties and also cutout leggings.

RezIpsa Loc has some fabulous items for you to pick up that you will just love to wear. The Fall Poofy One-Sleeve tops are great for this time of year. The autumn leaves falling down the shoulder adds colour and dress up the top. The Cout hairs are fabulous and will stand out in a crowd. I feel like a Who! But its the Couture Jeans that are really great! The paisley inserts at the calf really make these jeans something special.

I see the light at the end of the CFC tunnel and will be back to my normal blogging soon. I haven't forgotten about the fabulous review items I have been sent. I will be showing them off asap!!!!

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