Call For Couture...Lost Count of Which Part!

by - Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Call For Couture Festival is now in full swing and if you missed the Fashion Show...for shame! I saw the preview and it was awesome! Anyway, here's some more fabulous Pret a Porter looks and other goodies you will find there.

A - The Black Flowers One Shoulder Dress is a scorcher from Reale. Everything from the fabrick, draping, design and cute flowers on the shoulder just scream "stunning". You definately need this dress.

B - Zaara has the oh too perfect Acira dress for you. If you haven't been hiding under a rock, you will have seen this all over the feeds. Its a sexy touch of glitz and glamour that will have you looking a million lindens!

[AddiCt] is a new find for me, and one I will be checking into more thoroughly. The designs are funky, sexy and full of quirky charm. The first pic is the Jersey Racerback which is teamed up with the Athena Cuffs, Oh Deer Antlers and a Day Tripper Bag. The second dress is In Hibernation, which is their Pret a Porter look for you to pick up. It comes in a selection of colours.

A - Solange has a special edition of their Holiday Dress in black and gold for you to add to your collection. Its a gorgeous babydoll dress with a rose attachment and stunning gold lace detailing around the hem.

B - You're all set to go in the Dorothy Party Dress from Zari. The adorable strapless pink and black dress comes with matching bangles, choker, earrings and a ring, so you are good to go whenever the party mood hits!

A - Hucci has the elegant Lexa for you. It has prim drapped straps and a side deco hanging down which elevates this from a simple little back dress into a statement piece. Worn with it is the Messed Memory Wire Set from Acid and Mala in magenta and silver. There is a selection of colours to choose from and these are great accessories to have!

B - Her name was Lola...she was a showgirl... I couldn't help but sing that to myself as I was photographing the gorgeous Satine from Fellini Lingerie. You can bring out your inner showgirl with this stunning teddy set with hat, gloves, stockings and ruffles.

A - From [aRAWRa] the Lace Bustier Dress is simply sexy and its how you will look when you slip into it. The strapless bodice accentuates and the skirt attachment adds interest and appeal, making you the belle of any party!

B - Bring out your inner Wonder Woman with this cute outfit from skream. Its an updated look for the 21st Century and its for the sexy crime fighter. It comes with the tattoo and the cuffs, so you are ready to battle the forces of evil in SL.

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