Mixed Bag!

by - Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I have a bit of a mixed bag today.

Pacadi Jasha is back with a new store and some new releases - lingerie! With two new bras - Sophi (the green one) and Mia (the orange one), both in a variety of colours, you will have a bra for pretty much every day. Team them up with the Secret Panties and you are set for mixing and matching and looking fabulous.

Alis is a sexy bodysuit in a variety of gorgeous colours. I especially love the panel at the front. It adds a stunning touch, making the bodysuit stand out from the crowd.

Want shorts with a difference this summer? Then head into Hyper Couture and check out the gorgeous new Corset Shorts. The shorts are open at the front, laced together with corseted prim lacing which is what gives them their name. They also have prim cuffs arounf the thighs and come in 6 great colours, so you can mix and match them into your summer wardrobe easily. Top from Snatch.

New from [ III ] are the Pearly Gate Tops. These gorgeous tank tops come in a selection of colours that will add to your summer wardrobe and have a cute little prim pearl addition on the side to add a touch of glamour to them.

Taxi to Pacadi Jasha

Taxi to Hyper Couture

Taxi to [ III ]

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