by - Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Hello my name is Jordan...and I am addicted to hair! There's worse things to be addicted to I guess and at least I am not alone in my addiction!

Hair Solutions has been around for a while now, and the styles just go from awesome to more awesome with each release.

Olivia is new...and so cute! Its a perfect action/windswept look that will come in so handy for picture taking, or when you just want a cute messy look.

I can never resist buying things I find around SL with my name. Jordan is the first hair I bought at Hair Solutions. Its a sexy side braid with a black biker cap. Love this!!!

Leilani is another sexy side braid hair. You can never have too many of these! With a bouffant top and side swept bangs, its a hair you can wear to the classiest event, or when you're out and about in jeans and a tee.

I think my most fav thing about Hair Solutions, apart from all the smexy hairs, is the fact that unlike most hair stores, they not only do the standard single colour tone packs, but they do a pack with a black, red, brown and blonde hair in it. I love multi packs. These are great for pic taking or if you are like me and brunette one day and black the next! Totally saves you having to buy two or more packs to satisfy your whims!

Taxi to Hair Solutions

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