Strike a Pose with Essential Soul!

by - Friday, June 18, 2010

I think the number one essential thing all photographers, bloggers or anyone who just likes to play with picture taking in SL needs is a great pose stand. Sure you can pick up basic ones that you can load and change poses with pretty much anywhere, but if you are serious about your picture taking, then Essential Soul has the pose stand for you - with all the bells and whistles!

The PoseRight Stand System comes with a copiable pose stand which you can load with all your poses, or if you are anything like me and have thousands, break down by store name (ie Essential Soul, LAP, Striking Poses etc) or types of poses (ie standing, sitting, lying etc). It comes with a HUD (shown in minimised and full mode above) which controls the stand. I love HUD controlled stands. It does everything for you at the click of a button. You can change poses, rotate the stand to get the perfect angle, freeze the camera (which comes in very handy if you are like me and have a nasty habit of bumping it all the time and losing the shot), and so much more.

A fabulous extra feature of this HUD is the landmark saver. All you do is load your LMs into the HUD and when you want to move to your next hot photo spot, you just hit a button and the up pops the little blue window with all your landmarks ready to click!

Its easy to use, full of everything the budding photographer, model or enthusiast needs to make taking pictures so much easier!

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