Totally Random!

by - Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another new store I have been introduced to is Totally Random. Its a store that cannot be pigeon-holed and has everything from lingerie and bikinis through to jeans, tees and gowns. It even has clothing for guys!

Scrabblin' is my new fav pair of jeans. With colourful checkboard design on the denim and sparklie sequin detailing...I love them. Plus look how great my butt looks!!! Its worn with the optional green twist bikini top.

Laid Back is a casual outfit that is so cute you can get away with wearing it everywhere. The ripped jeans have prim cuffs and look so good on. It comes with a white blouse with a corset top overlay, and also has prim cuffs and collar.

Keep your eyes open for this cute dress free in store. Called Summer Fun, its totally gorgeous and perfect for having fun in the sexy summer days.

Taxi to Totally Random

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