Operation Squeegee Preview 2

by - Wednesday, June 30, 2010

**Previous Op Squee Post Correction**
I said Huggles was a collection of 5 mermaid poses from HopScotch. In fact its one pose out of a collection of 5 mermaid poses. Sorry for the misinformation.

Operation Squeegee opens to the public tomorrow...and you have a ton of goodies waiting for you. Not just fabulous items out from the vendors, but events, concerts and there is even a little mini hunt for fabulous little items. You will DIE if you don't find the Snorse!!!

Snorses are the new black! Hidden in two of the green ribbons are a blue and a pink Snorse. Each ribbon will cost you $11, but omg...SO worth it. Thanks Victoria Sabra, my Pink Snorse model. She is also wearing a hat from the hunt, and if you look closely behind her, you can see the hunt poster.

One of the many wonderful items out from Sn(a)tch is the Squeegie Necklace which has the Operation Squeegee logo squeegee on it. Its a fabulous way to show your support and look pretty too!

Wheeee....CORSETS!!!! Also from Sn(a)tch come the fabulous 7 Seas Corset Tops. With 5 in the pack, you will look stunning every day of the week! I'm wearing the Squeegie Necklace, as well as the new Solstice Chick's Beach Tone 3 Skin. 100% of all clothing proceeds and 50% of the skins are going to OS.

*Dreams* has some adorable tees with 100% of the proceeds going to OS. They have a little motif on the front and on the back is a larger version.

There are four shirts in gorgeous rich colours. You can choose between Whale, Dolphin, Dragonfly and Praying Mantis (eeeep!). At only $50 each, you can afford to get them all and know that every linden is going to a good cause.

The Lacey Tease Set is a collaboration between *Dreams* and LaLa FooFoo. You have plenty of mix and match options with black and white wifebeater tanks and leggings with lace detailing in the opposite colour. I love the white set and you will too!

From Pig...a playful playsuit called Heather Goes Hunting available in a variety of colours. I love the sexy bodice to this and its a perfect outfit for the beach or summer picnic. From ~Le~ Fashions comes one of my new fav minidresses...the SunFlower Minidress. I love how alive and colourful and vibrant it is. It has an adorable poof skirt and armbands and is just the dress for summer!

And lastly - for this post anyway - the gorgeous Frankie Gingham Kinis with a playful flexi skirt you can wear, or go without, the Chick's Beach Skin in tone 4, and the ubertastic Shore Drive Sandals from Sn(a)tch. While you are there, grab the fabulous Beach Ball Photo Prop from [Lyndz-Matic]. You just wear it and click to use one of 7 great beach ball poses. Its SO much fun and a must have for summer pics!

Taxi to Operation Squeegee

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  1. looking great I got my Snorse to and I love them