Strike a Pose with BeScene and NLimbo!

by - Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Its no secret that I am a total pose-whore! I just love them and cannot stop myself collecting them. Couples, groups, male, female - I've got a huge collection of all!

BeScene has some fabulous new Flamenco Poses out. These are stunning and just perfect for long flexi and poofy gowns...and add a real touch of spice to your pictures.

They are sexy, seductive and look fabulous. A lot of thought and care has gone into these poses to make them just perfect!

Bring out your inner dancer with these new poses from BeScene. You will love them!!!

NLimbo has released a series of poses called "Librarian"...for the good girl in SL. Yes we do exist!!! Librarian 1 is a comfy reading pose. It comes with pillow and book, so find a secluded corner and enjoy some quiet alone time.

Librarian 2 is another quiet reading pose complete with book. Imagine sitting in the stacks quietly reading before being disturbed by...well those are other poses that need some male be continued!

Taxi to BeScene

Taxi to NLimbo

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