Demi - Reloaded!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

A few days ago LaVie released Demi Reloaded, available in 5 skin tones with 15 make up options...and she is gorgeous!!!!

The skin tone I wear is Pale. I usually don't find many pale skins I actually do like enough to wear, but Demi is being added into my skin rotations cos I am in love! Wearing Pale 003.

With a gorgeous mouth, sculpted nose and playful beauty mark on the cheek, you will love Demi Reloaded too. The skin comes with loaded of options too. Wearing Pale 008 Cleavage. I think this is my favourite make up so far.

Strong smokey eyes are always a must have option in your inventory, and this one is perfect for when you want to make a statement. Wearing Pale 013.

A neutral make up is also another must have option in your skin collection, and this one is stunning. Wearing Normal 001.

Blue eyeshadow is back and making a huge statement! Its no longer an embarrassing 80s memory, but a fashion must! Wearing Normal 006 Cleavage.

Dramatic eyes are what makes a skin pop and adds so much to your look. With liner, shadow and lashes, you can stand out of the crowd just by your skin make up choices. Wearing Normal 011 Hairbase + Cleavage.

All LaVie skin packs come with normal skin, cleavage, hairbase, cleavage + hairbase options, plus as an added extra, a catliner skin is in there too, so you are really getting two makeups with all the options instead of one. BONUS!!!

Bounce on in and try out some demos asap and see if you fall in love with Demi too! I still have 3 more skin tones and 9 makeups to come, so stay tuned!!! And don't forget about the free group signup and $1 women's group gift skin of Demi Reloaded Summer Fun!!!!

No editing at all was done to the pics, except for a few pose smoothing corrections (wrists, elbows etc).

Taxi to LaVie

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