Something Different for V Day

by - Monday, February 08, 2010

Valentine's Day is coming up fast, and instead of more lingerie she will never wear, or hearts and flowers that will fester away in her inventory, why not give something she (or even he) can enjoy day after day?

Swirling Disco Flames is a recent (and new fav) find of mine and it doesn't sell clothes, anims, poses or any of the millions of things I am addicted to buying. It sells unique and fascinating artwork, which look fabulous displayed in the home or business.

For Valentine's Day, a new series of artwork, named Aroha, has been released.

Aroha is a Maori word meaning love. The English word "love" does not demonstrate the true depth of aroha. Other ways to translate aroha might include compassion, affection, respect, sympathy and mercy. It encompasses so much more than merely love.

I have my favourite from the new collection hanging above my bed. If you want to show your love in a way that can be remembered all year around, check out Aroha at Swirling Disco Flames and maybe you will find something for the special person in your life, or even for just a friend to show that you love them too.

Taxi to Swirling Disco Flames

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