Nummy Nymphetamine Newness!!!

by - Friday, February 19, 2010

Nymphetamine has done it again. I am in lusties with these new releases!!! Such love and detail has gone into them that you will not only look amazing, but dazzle everyone who sees you!

You will knock them out wearing the new Las Pas Lingerie Set. The simple mauve thong lets the top half take all the attention, and it deserves it. A simple black corset top is elevated by the mauve edging, the design along the torso and my fav touch, the three fabric roses with ribbons that hold the fans of black at the front and at the back. Love love love that back one!!!

I am so in love with the Las Pas Formal Gown. Like the lingerie set, it has the same mauve trimmed corset style top, along with the fabric roses and fabric fan, but its the skirt that takes my breath away. Its like wings or petals flying out from your hips to give movement and just amaze anyone who sees you in it. the scalloped edges are also trimmed in the same mauve colour, and they have a gorgeous print on them as well. The back also has the roses, ribbons and black fabric fanning out. This is a MUST HAVE gown!!!

Also included is a more playful and flirty version called Las Pas Bounce. And bouncing is what you will want to do to watch the movement in the skirt of this gorgeous dress. Worn with the corset top, it has a ballet tutu inspired skirt in the same scalloped design as the gown. The edging and print is featured, along with a smaller version of the back roses. Its perfect to bring out the ballerina or fairy in you!

So thats two gorgeous dresses in one set. The Las Pas Dress Set includes both the Formal Gown and Bounce.

With each new release I fall more and more in love with Nymphetamine. Take the taxi and see if you fall for Nymphetamine too!

Taxi to Nymphetamine

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