by - Monday, January 10, 2011

I thought I would do something a bit different and show off a couple of pairs of my latest favourite shoes.

Essential Soul is known for making fabulous poses, but look what else they make....fabulous boots! The Nirvana Boots come in a range of stunning colours and are just so perfectly made, they look great with anything. The slouched leather adds such a gorgeous touch to the boots and the cuffs and leather belts long the side have a colour changing option on the HUD. Try a demo asap!

I stumbled across these stunning Tropica Flip Flops from Addictia on Marketplace and so many friends received these as Xmas gifts from me, cos they are just so gorgeous and perfect for summer looks. There are lots of options and you can buy nail and tattoo plugins to add even more to these. You will love these as much as I do!

You will really make a statement in the new Pogo Boots from sYs. These chunky boots add a real urban touch. They are worn with the new Parys Outfit which is just stunning. These will be amongst the new releases at the grand reopening of sYs this Friday at 2pm!

The River Queen shoes are from Red River Saloon and are just so neat! You can change the colour using the HUD so they will match any outfit and the butterflies on the back of the heel - cute!!

I'm not really a big shoe person, but I could be persuaded!

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