Extend a Helping Hand

by - Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You no doubt have heard about the devastating floods in Queensland, Australia.

The wonderful Sanura Sakai of Sanu is organizing an SL fundraiser that will contribute directly to the recovery of the more than 20,000 people who have lost their homes and livelihoods to the floods, and are exposed to the imminent dangers of malnutrition and disease that follow in the wake of this crisis. An area larger than Germany and France combined has been affected by the flood-waters, and the impact will still be felt for some time to come.

Many wonderful designers have contributed goods for the Extend A Helping Hand fundraiser, that will send all proceeds to Premier Disaster Relief.

Evie's Closet is one of my fav indulgences in Second Life and you will find a special version of Milli at a reduced price with 75% going to the fundraiser.

A - Fashionable Dead has the fabulous Champagne Fog dress in Magenta with 100% going to the fundraiser.

B - By Snow has two chokers and two sets of eyes at the event. The Steel eyes are a gorgeous deep blue/green and look so natural. The Tribal Heart Choker has a silver and gold version and the gems are colour change.

A & B - A-Bomb has the fantastic Phoxxe Shoes as one of their donation items. They are colour change and 100% goes to the fundraiser.

C - Speranza Innocenza is an elegant pair of heels that have prim feet and a HUD for changing so many options that its like a wardrobe of shoes in one pair from Red River Saloon. 100% goes to the event.

D - Also from RRS is the Urbanite Oceana boots which have with sock top and without. This contibutes 75% to the fundraiser.

The images coming from the flood in Australia is heartbreaking and so much help is needed. Please check out the event and show your support. There are some fabulous stores participating and donation vendors so even if nothing tickles your fancy, you can make a donation, cos every little bit helps.

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