Chic Ltd Sneaky Preview

by - Thursday, January 13, 2011

I was naughty and snuck into the blogger preview for the uber-awesome Chic Ltd event a day early, which means I have the jump on the other bloggers! But only by a few hours. This event opens to the shopping public on the 15th, so you only have a couple of days to wait before running in to snap up some exclusive and stunning items. Unlike other great events such as The Dressing Room, you won't find discounted prices, just great stuff from some fabulous stores around the grid and they won't break the bank!

I think 2011 is the year I start my love affair with Glam Affair. They have already got me in their skins, and now the fashion is winning me over. Amara is their offering for this event and its a MUST HAVE. It comes with a sexy bra top, pants and sculpted corset, collar and hip attachments. Its smexiness at its best!

Adorkable does it again! Not only will you love the Brazen Hussy Chair, but omg, the name alone is worth the purchase! It has 5 great poses and the chair is texture change. Those fabulous shoes are from Peqe and you will find them at the event too.

From the lady behind the event, Magoa's Wild at Heart dress is a winner. It has a lovely print bodice and the skirt is amazing! I love the more architectural sculpted skirts coming out these days. I am having the biggest lusties over G Fields new shoes. The Eve Flower Pumps have so many features that each pair is like a dozen! You can wear them with the roses or without, change their colour, change the colour of the soles - you will just love these shoes!

Peqe also has some adorable dresses at the event. There are two versions of the sparklie Blender Dress. One has a black lace layer under both skirt attachments, the other only has it under the bottom layer (not shown). You can also grab the Tights to add more to your look.

Orion has three fabulous items out, and they will work great together or mixed into your wardrobe. The Loose Sweater has prim sleeves and body and its so easy to fit to your body. The Denim Flower Leggings work with the sweater or you could wear them with any top. Add the OG Boots and you have a great look for any casual outing.

Je Suis has two gorgeous jewellery sets you will love to add to your collection. Both sets have colour changeable flowers, pearls and metal options, so you can create the perfect set to suit your look. A - The Douce Bright Set. B - The Douce Soft Set.

This event is gonna be epic and you'll be crazy to miss it! I can't give you a LM yet cos its not open till the 15th, so expect a bit more teasing till then.

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