Last Chic Ltd Preview

by - Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Chic Ltd event is opening in an hour for your shopping pleasure, so here's the last few goodies for you to snap up.

I just love the Wicked January outfit from Indyra Originals. It has sexy laced pants worn with a bikini top underneath a sheer top with collar and cape. Its a stunning outfit!

So Many Styles has this stunning little dress just perfect for any occasion. Its colourful, its fun and flirty, its simply gorgeous!

Chantkare has three outfits available at Chic Ltd and all three are fabulous. The Funky Giraffe Dress is just lovely and the Hari Ensemble teams up a cute blouse with harem type pants.

The No Resistance dresses from Absolution are so cute. They will add a fun touch to any Winter look. Add some tights and jewellery and you are good to go. Available in 4 fabulous colours, there really is one for you there!

Cheerno has the Brent Bronze skins for men at the event. There are several versions for you to choose from - balds, hairbased etc, and all come with eyes, a nipple piercing and "manparts".

From LG Peau d'Ange - skins, hair attachments and eyes! The Dumah skin comes in three tones - Clair, Lumineux and Tanne. The hair attachments match up to those skin tones, so buy carefully.

You'll also find some sexy avatar packs from KMadd made especially for this event - so guys - check these out cos they are yummy with a spoon!

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