Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The real Santa is at Nymphetamine! He knows if you have been naughty or nice and he will punish or reward you. I could stay there being spanked by Santa all night, but other people need their turns on his lap too. He has a special something in his Santa sack from Paeoti and its gorgeous!

Called Trillion, its a sexy bikini number with silver overlays on gold. Its a lovely gift from Santa and Nymphetamine.

Creole Lady is fresh off the design boards and a gorgeous new addition in store. Its a stunning burlesque inspired outfit, something Paeoti does so very well. I have a sudden urge to strut my stuff and sing Lady Marmalade...and we won't go into how much I truly dislike that song!

With a gorgeous corset with ruffles, short pants and lacey ruffles semi-skirt, its the perfect outfit to bring someone's dreams come true. I'm not a hat person at all - I can never get the hair right, but OMG I am in the naughtiest lusties with this one. Its just the ultimate in showgirl chic!

Taxi to Nymphetamine

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