Platinum Hunt - Gowns!!!!

by - Saturday, August 07, 2010

Okie dokie, unless you have been hiding under a rock, you will have seen the Platinum Hunt being blogged all over the feeds. It starts tomorrow and runs till August 31st and unlike most hunts, the goodies you find will cost you $10 each, but omg sooo worth it and more!!!

I love Deviance. Its without a doubt the first place I run to when I need a costume for an event, or just wanna play dressup. For the hunt, you can pick up the Enchantress in Lavendar.

Adam n Eve has the stunning Vanessa which comes with two skirt length versions so you can be the belle of the ball or go clubbing! Son!a has two things for you. First is the stunning Cassandra Gown in Emerald, and secondly, the matching Cassandra Jewellry set.

Tyranny has the {What I love about summer} Storms outfit in two versions - plain and with a cute little bird design around the hem. Agnes Finney has a sexy teasing gown for you as well.

From Swansong, the Essence Gown is simply dazzling and something you will love to wear for any occasion. Boho has Aya Love, a cute top and skirt with a gorgeous jewelled attachment to the chest to give it a touch of glamour.

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