Hair Fair - Hair Solutions + Adam n Eve

by - Saturday, September 04, 2010

Like 99% of SL, I'm sitting here waiting, with lindens in hand, for the 2010 Hair Fair to open. I didn't make it onto the blogger list for the event so I killed time today enjoying the demos sent through the Demo Group (awesome idea guys!!!) and having fun with the preview packs a couple of stores sent me.

Hair Solutions has some cute styles in the Hair Fair.

Regina II is a short, sassy style held back from the face by a band above cute bangs. Its adorable!

Anabelle has waist-length straight hair, bangs swept to the side, under a soft leather cap.

Malea has braids sweeping down both sides of the face from the crown and a short bobbed back. Straight bands help frame the face.

Adam n Eve has four new releases for the Fair, with 50% of all sales going to the chosen charity - Locks of Love.

Chelsea is a gorgeous style that hangs midway down the back and frames the face with no bangs. I love this colour - Mermaid. Well worth checking this fabulous style that mixs sculpts with flexis for great movement.

Iris is a short style that frames the face with wispy waves in a mix of sculpts and flexis. Its totally adorable!!!

A sexy mid-length style is Leah. Its a sculpty style that is perfect for photography and looks great too.

Connie pulls the hair back into a stunning chignon at the base of the neck and wavy bangs frame the face and make this a gorgeous style for an evening out.

Make sure you check out the Hair Fair and be considerate and deprim, leave your scripted items at home and take off that massive flexy hair. Lag is gonna be a killer, so do your part to keep it down!

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