We're Going To See The Elves!

by - Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I'm feeling a bit Middle Earthy today. Must have something to do with living in Lord of the Rings country. I have some ears from MW ilweran to show you today. This is a new store for me, and one that sells high quality Elvish, Fairy and Faun ears complete with colour matching HUD, accessories with size/colour changing controls so you can create your own special looks.

Cold Wind is a lovely set of ears that have two versions - plain...

...and with chains and faceted jewels. Wear the HUD to match up your colour and hit the ears to change size and jewellry options.

Miril is a slender, classic set of ears for a more elegant look. It has the colour changing HUD and comes with three versions - with chains and jewels, which can be changed between 8 types, including diamond and emerald...

...and without chains, just the hoops in black and a pair with silver hoops.

If you want to explore what you can do, what your avatar can become, then check out the range of avatar accessories at MW ilweran and have fun!!!!

The smudgey eye makeup in all pics is the Glossy Eyeshadows from KOSH. I am in love with these!!!! There are 10 fabulous colours in the pack and for $199, why wouldn't you buy these and spice up your look a bit???

Taxi to MW ilweran

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