Deep In The Night with Violator

by - Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Violator is a store for the brave, the avant garde and the ones who want to make a statement. Not only dazzling, the designs explore and push limits, use texture in creative and innovative ways to create items that are stunning, special and exciting.

Deep In The Night I'm Alone is a black vinyl set that will blow you away. It comes with two versions.

The short outfit has a sleeveless top with a short wrap around skirt bottom. There are tribal inspired designs down the legs and along the jacket opening.

The second version has long sleeves and a long coat bottom for a sexy vinyl trenchcoat look. There is a grey shirt layer as well so you can wear it under the jacket or without.

This outfit also comes with the hat, sunglasses, collar, bracelet and stiletto boots. Its Violator at its best!

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