Sn@@@@tch Newness!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Its time for more Sn@tch! When you have someone who gives us soooo much newness and style week after week - well blogging it all would be a full time job, but one well worth having cos its SN@TCH!!!!! (Link to store)

The new Lulu Bundles Up dresses will keep you snuggly warm on those cold winter days and have you looking amazing. With a black cropped sweater and cowl neck, it has 6 coloured high waisted skirts, you will have plenty of choice.

Looking for the perfect cropped denim jacket? Look no further. Lucky's jean Jackets come in 7 fabulous colours and with a sculpted collar that has two versions - plain and with texture changing scarf. The Hipster Panties are awesome! In 12 colours with a little bow, they will add so much fun to your inventory!

Wanna Be Gwen teams up black cargo pants and knit armwarmers with 6 coloured crop sweaters with a star motif on it. Its a great look for all those holla back gurls.

Argyle never goes out of style and Fast Forward is just the outfit to take you through a stylish winter! With 6 coloured argyle sweaters with a statement making big collar and a slim pencil skirt, its a great look for the cooler days!

More Than Madness teams up a gorgeous black grunge miniskirt and black knee length socks with a checkerboard cropped top which comes in 7 fabulous colours.

Every Friday I just sit in awe of all the newness from Sn@tch. Its my favourite day of the week. I also love Wednesdays - mini-Sn@tch day!!! Its when you will find a super Blue Light Special in store and when Ivey usually restocks things like the fishing pond, lucky chairs, riot vend etc. Its such an awesome store always full of fun things to do or see and such interesting people!

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