With Love...pt 1

by - Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Its almost time for the With Love Hunt to begin! I have been looking forward to this one for a while, because you know when Chic Management is doing something, its going to be exceptional. This hunt is full of some of the most loved stores and brands in Second Life and they are giving you some loving by putting out a fabulous hunt item for you to find for only $10L. These goodies are worth SO MUCH more than that and you will love them! Here are some quick previews.

A - Urbanista
B - Indi Designs

A - Sassy Kitty Designs - comes with boots
B - Gawk - comes with a black shawl. The white scarf is part of the Maitreya hair.

T Junction - comes with four dresses, all have short and long sleeved versions.

A - E! Eclectic Apparel - comes with Hot Pink and Seafoam versions.
B - Azul

A - DeeTaleZ
B - Rock Me Amadeus

A - Tutti Frutti
B - Fishy Strawberry
C - Djinn and Tonic - includes the hair and boots

A - justB - has male and female versions
B - Hucci - sweater and antler earmuffs
B - LG Femme - pants

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