Excellence at Exodi!!!

by - Monday, December 13, 2010

Ryker has been a buy wee beaver and has new eyes and makeup layers out in Exodi for you to run in, check out and stuff your inventory with.

First up, the Clear Eyes. These come in 10 colour options, large and small versions, with veins and without.

A - Teen Large without Veins and Slate Smokey Shadow.
B - Evergreen Small with Veins and Crimson Smokey Shadow.
C - Oak Small without Veins and Heavy Lipgloss.
D - Ocean Large with Veins and Flatline Lipgloss.

A - Baby Large without Veins and Dramatic Eyelashes.
B - Midnight Small without Veins and Glamour Eyelashes.
C - Pally Large with Veins and Left Lip Beauty Mark.
D - Candycane Small with Veins and Magenta Blush.

Smokey Shadows - Available in 11 fabulous colours.
Lipgloss - Available in 3 gloss levels.
Eyelashes and Beauty Marks - Available in 5 versions of each.
Blush - Available in 12 colours.

All layers are sold seperately or in packs at a discounted price.

Perfect for this time of year, Exodi has loaded up a gatcha with gorgeous Winter Scarves. There are 21 solid colours and 5 rare ones all for $25 a try. All have resize options and are transferable so you can swap with friends to collect them all or to give as gifts.

Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas with WoE and Exodi. Starting today, you will find gifts under the Xmas Tree. Gift 1 from Woe is 3 pairs of Kylei PJs and from Exodi, the gorgeous Imani Tee and Frayed Shorts.

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