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by - Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I am soooo far behind in my blogging at the moment and desperately trying to dig my way out, so if you have sent me review items...I'm getting there!!!!

First up - adorable Christmas boots from Axiom. These are just too super-cute NOT to have. They are decorated with blinking lights, snowmen, candy canes, penguins - and all the fun stuff associated with this time of year. Just what you need to finish your look this Christmas.

Phoenix Rising may have closed, but one of the talented designers has branched out and launched District, a new store sure to become a favourite of mine - and yours. Team up the Saturday Tank, Stripper Miniskirt and Jeepers Cardigan and you have a smart casual look. Belt from Bax.

Mrs Berenger is a gorgeous dress with belt. I especially love the collar detail.

A lovely gown for all the parties coming op over the holidays is the Noelle Empire. You'll find the Innocent version (white) in store as a subscribo gift. I can't wait to see how District grows.

Hardwear has some fabulous clothing for him out at the moment. The Nightshade Jeans come with the waistcoat and belt and look so good on. The Bewildered Shirt is just gorgeous. It has a lovely patterned texture and has two options - closed and open neck. There is also clothing layer options so you can wear it tucked or untucked. To finish off the look, the Stingray Boots are a great buy! Hopefully 50% of the proceeds from the sale of the Pumpkin shirt are still going to help support the Sunset Jazz venue, so you can look good and support live music in SL.

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  1. Thanks for the props, Jordan! I'm changing my policy of donating 50% of sales of the Bewildered pumpkin shirt to Sunset Jazz... now I'm donating 100% of sales of anything pumpkin coloured. I really love Sunset Jazz..It's an institution in SL!