Project Fur Japan

by - Tuesday, April 05, 2011

There's another fundraiser going on at the moment raising money for the relief effort in Japan, but this one if focussing on helping the animals who have been left homeless or abandoned. Project Fur Japan is well work checking out.

I squeeed with delight and spent my very last linden on the Maria skins from Laqroki. There are 4 makeups in 3 skin tones available, and they are just gorgeous! They were well worth going 3 days with 0L.

Frozen Panty has some lovely poses that come with a dolphin for some fun picture taking. There are four to choose from, or grab them all!

From Magnifique Poses you can find some special poses that are perfect for your picture taking. I just had to pick this one up.

Luka is a cute hairstyle from Exile. It's sold in the colour packs you normally buy in store, but at a very reduced price, so spoil yourself, or your alts!

Shiba Inu from Hazard Kitty is just adorable. Her (or his - depending on what you prefer) head, tail and ears move making it a lovely addition to your home.

Peqe has a fabulous dress in a stunning tiger print you are sure to love adding to your inventory. I also had to grab the Kitty Kompassion Tattoo from Punctured Pinup.

Dilly Dolls has their gorgeous Amaranth III gown waiting for you. There are 2 top options to wear under the coloured top in the packs as well - sheer and netting.

If you are redecorating your home, then Paris' has some furniture you are sure to need! There's the armoire which has doors that open and shutand two pretty wicker baskets underneath. There are also some tables in the same colour scheme so you can use them all in the same room.

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