Gaze Eyes at Amacci

by - Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Amacci has just released a new range of eyes that are stunning and colourful and bound to have a shade you will fall in love with!

There are four colour packs - Blues, Browns/Darks, Diverse and Greens - each with 16 colours in them that you buy seperately or buy the entire pack!

Above: Blues. A - Iced Light, B - Sea Blue, C - Blue Pink, D - Deep Blue.

Each pair comes with two versions - normal and large sized. For all these pictures I used the large version.

Above: Browns/Darks. A - Mocha, B - Coffee, C - Nova, D - Black.

You can pick up a free sparkle prim instore to give your eyes a little something extra, along with a free set of the eyes for you to try out.

Above: Diverse. A - Mauve, B - Fire, C - Winter, D - Candy.

Check out the Gaze Eyes at Amacci soon! They are simply gorgeous!

Above: Greens. A - Mulit Green, B - Moss Green, C - Strong Green, D - Green Steel.

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