Makeup, Eyes and Skin!

by - Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I have to confess something, I am totally addicted to Aphotic Gloom's eyes and Blacklace Beauty's makeups. And no, it's not just cos I know the people behind them, but because they are stunning and so perfect for any look and avatar.

New from Aphotic Gloom at Fashionably Late this week are the Clarus Eyes Special Edition #3 pack which has 4 fabulously unique and colourful eye sets in it - and one is named after me!!! They are worn with a selection of makeups from the Jazzy Eyeshadow collection from Blacklace Beauty, which if not out yet, won't be far away! They come with drawn on eyelashes, which are fabulous if you suck at positioning prim lashes (like me!).

A - Buttercup, B - Duuna, C - Jordan, D - Mochiberry

sYs has a sexy new skin out and it's lovely! The Poptart Lilliehook Skin comes in 3 skin tones (pale is worn in the picture) and come with a bucketful of tattoo layer options including makeups, cleavage layers, pubic hair, freckles, hairbases etc.

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