Echo-ing with Greatness

by - Friday, November 18, 2011

If you have a small budget and a taste for quality clothing, have a friend you're helping out or just like shopping smart, then [Echo] is the store for you.

A lot of the items are sculpties, but if a totcomes with resizer script versions in the pack, along with plain, so they are simple to adjust to your shape. I had no trouble at all, and I'm blonde!

New to the grid, [Echo] has a stunning range of clothing with nothing over $100. It also has gifting options so you can stock up an alt, noob friend or just give someone a little present without breaking the bank. This is definately destined to be a store to watch.

A - Fugue Shirt in Blue and Expressivo Leather Skirt in Black, which comes with two lengths and plain and two toned, so it's a must have!
B - Dissonance Cape in Brown which comes with two lengths - long and cropped, and Coda Dress Pants in Brown.

A - Courante Tube Top in Orange and Coda Dress Pants in Brown (comes with the belt).
B - Fugue Shirt in Gold and Coda Dress Pants in Brown.

A - Exposition Sleeveless Blouse in Yellow which comes with white and two-tone versions and Falsetto Crop Pants in Tan.
B - Accelerando Top in Blue Stripe which comes with two and three layer versions and Falsetto Crop Pants in Tan.

A - Cadenza Striped Shirt in Grey and Beat Pants in Blue.
B - Castrato Vest in Pink with Beat Pants in Blue.

Be sure to join the [Echo] group while you are at the store, cos look at the group gift goodies put out for you if you do!

A & B - Galliard Vest in Purple which comes with beaded and plain versions.
C - Glissando Top in Teal.
D - Note Shirt in Blue.

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