With Love.....Again.

by - Friday, December 09, 2011

It's started. The 2011 With Love Hunt is up and running. There are two ways you can do this hunt. You can go through the Chic Management Blog and hit your fav stores, or if you just enjoy a good hunt, go from store to store through the links to the next one which will be in the gifts you pick up. Here's your starting point Taxi.

A - White Widow : Firtree Face Tattoos in 5 colours (with and without eyeshadow, left and right options)
B - The Plastik : Aleria Skins in Sandcastle and Starfish, with loads of extra goodies as well. There is a male version as well.

A - YS & YS : Desiree Skin - With and without teeth and tattoo layer extras.
B - Lara Hurley Skin : Oksana skin
C - Apple May Designs : Big Shades in Cream and Noir

A & B - CIA Designs : Sofia Skins with two lip shades, with freckles and without
C - Boho Beauty : Sloan skins in frost Bite and Frost Bitten

A - Ison : Cowl Neck Dress in Red. THIS IS MESH.
B - Philo : Tri Bracelet
C - Anthem : Jasmin's Ribbon Bracelet

A - Elemiah Design : With Love Dress
B - Agnes Finney : With Love Dress

Paper Doll : Sydney Dress in black and cream. Cream version is worn as a top with the Oz Jeans from Miamai - which also has a pair for men.

Pididdle - Netted Leotards in Teal and Magenta

A - Nyte n Day : Crush Shirt in tan and blue. Haberdashery : Lace Skirts in green and red
B - Tomoto : With Love Dress

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