The 2011 With Love Hunt is starting soon, and it's going to be even better than last year! With stunning googies for you to hunt out and purchase for only $10, you're going to have fun and love it! Keep watching for the start date and LM...coming very soon!

Purple Moon - Boots and handbag.

A - Gizza - Dress, Hat and Handbag
B - R.icielli - Dress

A - Kunglers - Dress
B - Mons - Bodysuit

A - Nemesis - Rings in left & right versions with many colours to choose from.
B - Indi Designs - Beanie for her (with and without hair) Peqe - Sweater Izzie's - Mittens
C - Indi Designs - Beanie for him (with and without hair) Ispachi - Skin

Shiki - Jacket, Turtleneck and Jeans for him, Gown for her.