Mixed Bag for Thursday!

by - Thursday, February 16, 2012

There's so much yumminess out on the grid at the moment that I'm doing yet another mixed bag post to try to cram as much in as I can.

First up are the uber sexy Glamovers from Adam n Eve. They add such a sexy touch to your every day makeups giving you a new look without having to change yourself! Pick up the free Mauve Glamover and try them out for yourself!
A - Without Glamover makeup.
B - Crimson
C - Noir
D - Rose

Clara is a new hair from Tameless. The cute shaggy bob is enhanced by the bangs, giving you a look perfect to dress up or dress down. The menu is easy to use for changing the hair colour or resizing.

I am having all sorts of lusty feelings over the Pia hair which is coming this Saturday to Emo-tions. This stunning updo comes with an optional hat attachment and sexy tendrils falling around the face. Its definately on my most wanted list.

Also coming on Saturday from Emo-tions is the Layla outfit. This stunning urban outfit comes with tattoo, sexy mesh top over a laced tank, pants with belt and leg straps. It looks fabulous with the Depth hair which you will find in store.

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