Hair Hair and More Hair

by - Friday, March 16, 2012

Tomorrow is new release day at Emo-tions, and I know there will be a mad rush on this week to grab what Mirja is letting loose on the grid.

Aquaria is simply stunning. Whether you are a model, photographer, mermaid or just love statement hair, this one is for you. It has a fabulous sense of movement and will add so much to photos!

For the guys, there is also new stuff out for you! Previous hunt gifts, Bryon and Ralph are finally being released in store, so if you picked them up in a hunt and they weren't your shade, run on in and grab it tomorrow! And if you are in the Emo-tions Group, pick up this month's gift which is a beard for the guys....or if bearded ladies are your kink, get her to grab it too!

Tameless has also released some fabulous new hair and its another winner. Alma is a should length mass of curls that is just gorgeous. Use the easy peasy menu option to change colour and resize.

Or if you want a complete new look, the Alma Complete Avatar is out and comes with everything shown, plus an AO. You get the shape, skin in 4 tones, hair in blacks/white, mesh dress, boots, stockings, armwarmers, jewellry and lashes.

And just a quickie from FFL before I go. If you haven't grabbed the Will Mesh Boots from G Field yet, you are so missing out. There is two colours out - Sepia and Peach. The peach looks stunning with the gift of Maisie Lingerie you will find in the Sn@tch FFL store.

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