New Emo-tions

by - Saturday, March 24, 2012

There's a lot of newness from Emo-tions this week. Some you will find in the mainstore and some are at special events happening around the grid.

A gorgeous straight style, Valentina hangs down the back and moves beautifully. You need to wear a hairbase with it as the front has whisps hanging down over the eyes and a braid over the crown of the head holding the hair back.

There's a new dress in store too. Martha is great for medieval or wench role playing - or maybe you're like me and just think it's fabulous!

Alyssa is a perfect hair to wear with it. It has hair framing the face, then falls in soft waves down the back.

Mens Fashion Week is on and Emo-tions is there with the new and exclusive Matthew hair. It's super sexy and sure to be a hit with your guy! Check out a demo and see for yourself! I'm sorry I don't have a LM to this event.

And lastly, there's a huge event going on at The Deck at the moment. With the theme of Summers Abroad, it's running until March 31st with special items at a special price. Emo-tions has Robin, a super cute retro style you are sure to love! Check out the event and this hair before the event closes!

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