A Quickie!

by - Thursday, March 01, 2012

Once again its a preview for tomorrow's Emo-tions new releases.

First up is Ruby, a long, incredibly sexy curly style that is not only lovely, but it had fabulous movement and will look great when you're out dancing or just wandering around the grid.

There's also a hot new outfit release to look forward to as well - Nebula.

This uber-sexy leather outfit is a stunning addition to your role playing wardrobe. It comes with gloves and also a cape for an added little bit extra. It looks gorgeous with the Lyra hair which you will also find at Emo-tions.

T Junction is back with some great releases for both sexes. For the ladies - Punked and Love Kills Slowly.

Also for the ladies - Rockstar. It's the guys shirts that give me the giggles though and I'm sure you will get a giggle from them too.

I definately have my fingers crossed hoping they come out with a female version of the Stupid People shirt! I soooo need that one!

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