Catching Up!!!

by - Friday, May 18, 2012

I've been slacking off bigtime lately, so here is a quick catchup post full of awesome stuff from some of my favourite stores.

Tops - Romanov Mesh Tops from The Plastik. They come in soooo many fabrics and 4 sizes and are just amazing!
Jeans - Sadly WoE closed down the inworld store, but you can still find them on Marketplace.
Hair - Elizabeth from Tameless. This cute short style has colour change hairclips and is just adorable.
Earrings - Viola Earrings from U&R Dogs for the Ashraya Project.

Jackets - Roxanne Mesh Jackets from K-Code.
Necklace - Repetitor Necklace from U&R Dogs for Culture Shock.

New from Emo-tions...

1 - Cora Ponytail - group gift.
2 - Lora Hair - a Greek inspired style with braids and a mess of sexy curls.

Tyra Hair with 4 different variations. Comes with addon roses and hair clip.

Memory - a 20s inspired style with roses which you will find at the My Attic Event at The Deck.

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