Sent to Destroy - Tableau Vivant

by - Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Tableau Vivant has a sexy new male skin out and a fabulous range of mesh clothing for him at the Sent to Destroy store.

Ryan is a hot skin for the guys and it's just yummy! In 8 skin tones from light to dark, it definately is a must have skin!

It also comes with or without hairbase, blonde and brown brows.

The mesh clothing is fabulous and each item is sold seperately.

A - Open Shirt and Low Rise Jeans 1
B - Net Shirt (not mesh) and Low Rise Jeans 11

A - 3 Buttons Coat and Swat Pants
B - Turtleneck and Leggings

A - Sleeves and Cossack Trousers
B - Scarf, Long Gilet and Baggy Trousers

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