Acid Lily!

by - Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Acid Lily Gallery is a fashion showcase featuring new designers and new items weekly. I checked it out a few days ago and there were lots of designers and stores featured I had never heard of, but will definately checking out soon, and lots of wonderful items that are worth so much more than you will pay for them. Nothing is over $70, so you will be saving big on some fabulous stuff!

A - Esprit (mesh) from GSpot Organics
B - Breezy Dress (partial mesh) from 1 Hundred

A - Summer Long Dress (mesh) from [[>CaKe!<]]
B - Haunted Midnight (mesh) from GSpot

A - Beach Minidress (mesh) from =blu=
B - Lace Set from =blu=

A - Dress AL (mesh) from Chandelle
B - Madarin Dress from ~Sassy!~

A - Chicky Top (mesh) from DEW and Balinda Jeans (mesh) from -AXE-
B - Leather Jacket (mesh) from [nn] Designs and Leather Pants (mesh) from Opium (top my own)

A - Corset and Shorts (mesh) from Fashion Style
B - Ruffleskirt (mesh) from [Furore] (top my own)

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