I Love New Hair!

by - Wednesday, July 04, 2012

It's new hair time from Emo-tions and Tameless. This has to be my favourite part of the week!


First up is a new outfit perfect for your medieval role play - Aneesh. It has a white shirt under a sexy black corset which is worn with a wine red skirt.

The Jaosi hair has a braid holding back a fall of gorgeous curls down the back, decorated with colour changing roses for a soft, romantic touch. The jewellry is part of a new set from U&R Dogs - Turandot Silver Set. It comes with necklace, earrings, bracelet and a ring. There is a small hunt going on instore now, as well as a new camping prize and items in the customer appreciation corner, so check out U&R Dogs soon!

If you are in the Emo-tions Group, be sure to grab the latest group gift hair - Shakira. Its a wild mess of curls in a special colour that is not sold in store.

Also new in store is Shena, a sexy ponytail held high with a decorated metal clasp above a braid. Also worn is the new Turandot Necklace from U&R Dogs in Cinnamon, a colour to match the bracelets from the Chic2 event.


I love ponytails, and Leah is sure to become a favourite that I will wear often. It has bangs sweeping over one eye and curling on the other, and also has a streak option.

If you are a tacky 80's movie fan like I am, then I only need to say one word to give you the inspiration behind this curly style - Cherry. And now I am in the mood to watch that again!!!

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