One Voice Preview 3

by - Monday, July 09, 2012

Wheee One Voice is in full swing. Here's a couple of "must knows" to make your experience more enjoyable. Firstly - there is a 50 script limit booter onsite, so if you have a script count over that, you will be politely escorted home again. Check your count before you go! Also many stores have put their offering at their mainstores due to the popularity of this event and the fact there is also an avatar limit at the sim.

A - Roza from Glam Affair
B - Phoenix Gold Corset (mesh) from Blacklace

Jade (in 3 skin tones) from Lara Hurley Skins

Georgie (in 6 makeups) from Al Vulo

Moana (in 4 skin tones) from Essences

A - Jayda from Av!sage
B - Saisha from Av!sage

A - Erin from Gorean Rose
B - Nira Corset (mesh) from Gorean Rose

A - Nana (mesh) from Gorean Rose
B - Gala from Gorean Rose

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