Glam Fair

by - Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The November round of Fair has started, and here's some goodies from there.

From U&R Dogs is the uber-adorable Mother Goose Ring Watch. It is jam packed filled with extras! Using the menu option you can change the style of the ring with the 6 choices, you can wear the mesh nails or take them off, listen to the pretty tune included or play with the snowing option.

Glam Affair has new Roza skins at Fair.

Ashes comes in 5 makeup choices and these are perfect for role players or fashionistas wanting to make a statement.

And if you love your lashes to make the statement for you, check out the new range, also from Glam Affair.

These lashes are easy to fit and just perfect for high fashion looks, or fun!

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