New Tameless Emo-tions

by - Sunday, November 04, 2012

It's catching up with new hair releases day for me. I've been battling connection issues with my computer and SL lately, so sending huge apologies for my tardiness in blogging!

First up I'm catching up with Tameless.

Abigail is a gorgeous updo that you can wear with or without the mesh attachment which hangs down over the left shoulder.

Or if you want a tousled bob, check out Ronnie. All Tameless hair comes with an easy to use menu built in for easy resizing and changing hair/accessory colours.

And new out this week from Emo-tions...

Jean is a mesh pony style with a retro feel to it that is just lovely!

Brice is a dreadlock style that looks just as hot on him as it does her. It comes in two versions, one with a more plain beading option on the chest attachment and the other is coloured.

And don't forget to hunt around while you are instore and look for the Emo-tions Womenstuff Hunt gift. It's a two parter hunt with one gift this month and a totally different one next month. This month you can grab Doris in black and light blonde. Next month...we'll have to wait and see.

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