There's not just clothing and accessories at The Arcade Gacha Event. You can grab all sorts of goodies for your home too - from furniture through to knick knacks and toys!

A - Pet Rocks from Olive (omg a pink Narwhal! Narwhals rock! *groans at pun*)
B -Make a donation at one of the claw machines and look at the goodies you get!!! Its a donation gacha in its own right!

A - Adorable dolls from Schadenfreude Rawr I got me an Archie one!
B - Gingerbread Man Avatar from Ana-mations
C - Painting from Nylon Outfitters
D - Rocking Chair from Vespertine
E - Plushie Pals from Intrigue Co.

A - Seasons Snowglobes from A.D.D. Andel
B - Scriptor Word Art from DIGS
C - Signs from What Next
D - Wall Plates from R(S)W

A - Silly Mesh Chairs from BoOgErS
B - Lazy Sunday Chair from Zigana
C - Workbench from Zigana

A - Origami Head from Commoner
B - Rococo Frame from Yummy
C - Presents from Mudhoney
D - Winston Cabinet from DIGS

A - For Winter Conversations Tree Lamp from Art Dummy
B -
For Winter Conversations Chair from Art Dummy
C -
For Winter Conversations Armchair from Art Dummy