More Gacha at The Arcade

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

There's not just clothing and accessories at The Arcade Gacha Event. You can grab all sorts of goodies for your home too - from furniture through to knick knacks and toys!

A - Pet Rocks from Olive (omg a pink Narwhal! Narwhals rock! *groans at pun*)
B -Make a donation at one of the claw machines and look at the goodies you get!!! Its a donation gacha in its own right!

A - Adorable dolls from Schadenfreude Rawr I got me an Archie one!
B - Gingerbread Man Avatar from Ana-mations
C - Painting from Nylon Outfitters
D - Rocking Chair from Vespertine
E - Plushie Pals from Intrigue Co.

A - Seasons Snowglobes from A.D.D. Andel
B - Scriptor Word Art from DIGS
C - Signs from What Next
D - Wall Plates from R(S)W

A - Silly Mesh Chairs from BoOgErS
B - Lazy Sunday Chair from Zigana
C - Workbench from Zigana

A - Origami Head from Commoner
B - Rococo Frame from Yummy
C - Presents from Mudhoney
D - Winston Cabinet from DIGS

A - For Winter Conversations Tree Lamp from Art Dummy
B -
For Winter Conversations Chair from Art Dummy
C -
For Winter Conversations Armchair from Art Dummy

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